Art Fair. 1:54 New York.
A Conversation with Touria El Glaoui, founder and director of the fair.

Abdulayé Konaté, Abdulayé Konaté, “Composition Bleu”, detail, courtesy of Marella Gallery. 2016

The name of the fair, 1:54, refers to the geography of Africa. One continent, 54 states, many of which are represented at the fair thanks to art galleries, foundations or nonprofit projects. Started in 2013 by Touria El Glaoui, 1:54 has rapidly become the international reference point for modern and contemporary African art.

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Art Gallery. Addis Fine Art.
Addis Ababa. Ethiopia

Dawit Abebe, ‘Rank & Providence IV’, detail, 2015. Courtesy of Addis Fine Art. Dawit Abebe, ‘Rank & Providence IV’, detail, 2015. Courtesy of Addis Fine Art.

Art galleries are a hotbed for talent in modern and contemporary art because of their pursuit and support of new artists. This is no less true of Addis Fine Art in Addis Ababa, founded by collector and project manager Rakeb Sile; and by curator and dealer Mesai Haileleul, a leading figure in the Addis Ababa cultural scene. Their work has given Ethiopian artists the opportunity to be recognized globally. We met with Rakeb Sile.

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Art Gallery. ArtLabAfrica.
Nairobi. Kenya.

ArtLabAfrica is a latter day version of the classical literary salon: it is a place where ideas that emerge from conversation inspire and take form in art works. ArtLabAfrica was founded in 2013 by Lavinia Calza when she discovered Nairobi’s artists and their works. ArtLabAfrica was also the natural outcome of her own long-standing work as a gallerist, in researching and marketing art. This is what she told us.

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Auction House. Arthouse Contemporary. Lagos. Nigeria.
We met its founder, Kavita Chellaram.

Arthouse is a progect that arose from the experience and the passion of the art collector Kavita Chellaram. Her meticulous research in art auction houses has lead to the global recognition of numerous modern African masters, including Ben Enwonwu, Kolade Oshinowo, Bruce Onobrakpeya, Ablade Glover, Yusuf Grillo Uche Okeke. Kavita Chellaram still keeps her eye on the young African artists, who have a dedicated space in the auction.

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*"Ankabouth" de Amina Agueznay, by Mohamed Rachdi

Amina Agueznay est la première artiste plasticienne conviée cette année à investir l’Atrium de Société Générale Maroc à Casablanca, un espace au cœur du siège de l’entreprise dédié à la diffusion des explorations artistiques contemporaines. Pour cette exposition individuelle, l’artiste fait une proposition qui consiste en un ensemble d’œuvres conçues pour s’articuler étroitement avec les données architecturales de l’Atrium. Des œuvres qui sont essentiellement réalisées à base da la technique que Amina Agueznay affectionne par-dessus tout: le tissage.